Vancouver’s Premier Youth High School MUN Conference

Vancouver Youth Model United Nations

The Sixteenth Iteration | October 29 - 31st 2021
Dear prospective delegates, school advisors, and parents,
Welcome to the 16th iteration of the Vancouver Youth Model United Nations.


Our names are Adam Dawood and Vincent Gao, and on behalf of the entire Secretariat team and West Point Grey Academy, we would like to extend a warm welcome to this year’s VYMUN, to be held from October 29th to 31st. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to hold the conference at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler as planned, but we look forward to presenting VYMUN in a new online format.


Each year, VYMUN strives to provide a platform for youth to investigate critical international issues, whether they are social, political, or economic in nature. As new issues arise year after year, it is increasingly important that youth develop the skills necessary to interpret, analyze, and debate what lies ahead, whether it be the crisis in Israel and Palestine or the destructive fast fashion industry. Given that VYMUN is many delegates’ first introduction to MUN, our mission is to ease students into the world of diplomacy, politics, and international relations one delegate at a time. Over the course of the conference, we hope to provide a memorable experience by allowing delegates to engage in rigorous debate, compromise to create comprehensive solutions and tackle some of the greatest crises facing the world. 


Over the past few months, our Staff and Secretariat teams have been dedicated to preparing this conference, and we are beyond excited to share this unforgettable experience. We sincerely hope that each of you, as teachers and parents, will support your students or children to join us at VYMUN 2021. Please do not hesitate to contact us via if you have any questions or concerns relating to VYMUN’s new hybrid format or any other issues. 


We look forward to meeting you all in October.



Adam Dawood and Vincent Gao


Vancouver Youth Model United Nations