Association of Southeast Asian Nations


Formed in 1967, ASEAN, or The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, aims to accelerate economic growth, promote regional peace and stability, and provide assistance among member states, alongside other developmental goals. The ten-member states work closely together to further the progress of the Southeast Asian region and maintain a presence in the international league. From economic crises to judicial systems, ASEAN covers a broad range of issues that arise in the Indo-Pacific Ocean.

ASEAN is designed for intermediate delegates. Though position papers are not required, they are recommended to ensure delegates feel prepared and comfortable throughout the conference. Please submit all papers to your committee director. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Meet the Dais Team

Max Zhu


As a junior at West Point Grey Academy, Max Zhu is beyond excited to serve as the chair for ASEAN. Having attended his first official Model UN in grade 7. Max has never regretted discussing policy in committee sessions ever since. Model United Nations has given Max a platform to voice his opinions and a community in which he has fostered many friendships. Aside from Model UN; you can find Max spending his time at home binging youtube, building keyboards, or lifting weights. Overall, Max is looking forward to an eventful weekend, packed with productive debate. He hopes to meet as many people as he can!

rubi -.jpeg
Rubi Katz


Currently a senior at West Point Grey Academy, Rubi is thrilled to be the Chair of ASEAN for her final VYMUN conference. Rubi started her MUN journey at VYMUN 2017, and while she didn’t say a single word at her first conference, she left feeling incredibly rewarded and excited to return to the conference that first introduced her to the fascinating world of MUN. In her spare time, you can find Rubi flying down the ski hill and eating all varieties of soup. Rubi looks forward to a weekend full of exciting debate and discussions. She can’t wait to meet you all in October!

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Henry Luo

Assistant Director

A sophomore at West Point Grey Academy, Henry is delighted to serve as the Assistant Director of ASEAN at VYMUN 2021! Three years ago in Grade 7, Henry attended his first MUN conference and was quickly attracted to the intricate discussions, and colorful debates. These experiences helped to shape his interest and understanding of international relations, and social-political fascinations. Henry enjoys logical, fast-paced, and creative discussions and debates, and hopes to create the same welcoming and unique environment for the upcoming VYMUN conference. Outside of MUN conferences,  you will most likely find Henry playing the piano, reading, playing badminton, or hanging out with his friends. Henry is very excited to meet everyone at the upcoming conference, and hopes everyone will have a fun and fulfilling VYMUN 2021!

Tony Zhang

Assistant Director

Currently a grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy, Tony is extremely excited to be among all of the ECOSOC delegates this conference. Also a MUNer himself, Tony understands how awkward and hard it is sometimes to express your own thoughts through your assigned countries. Even with the difficulty there, he still greatly encourages all delegates to just relax, be yourselves and enjoy yourself at the conference! Tony wishes you all a great time and see you at VYMUN 2020!


Fred Yang