Association of Southeast Asian Nations


Formed in 1967, ASEAN, or The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, aims to accelerate economic growth, promote regional peace and stability, and provide assistance among member states, alongside other developmental goals. The ten-member states work closely together to further the progress of the Southeast Asian region and maintain a presence in the international league. From economic crises to judicial systems, ASEAN covers a broad range of issues that arise in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. 

Topic A: Transnational Crime: Trafficking of Women and Children
Topic B: Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels in Southeast Asia

Michael Yin

Director —

As a senior at West Point Grey Academy, Michael is thrilled to be directing ASEAN in VYMUN 2020. Just over three years ago, Michael attended his first MUN conference, and has since fallen in love with the unique, challenging, and engaging world of Model UN. Outside of MUN, Michael can be found scrambling to return a ball on the tennis court, buying bubble tea basically every other day, and biking all around the city with his friends. Michael looks forward to a weekend full of exciting debates, intriguing ideas, and new friendships. Michael hopes to provide the delegates with the same great experience that he had with Model UN, and is extremely excited to meet everyone at VYMUN 2020!


Tessa Dubois-Phillips


A junior at West Point Grey Academy, Tessa is looking forward to being Chair of ASEAN at VYMUN 2020. Since her first conference three years ago, she has made unforgettable memories as well as become aware of new perspectives and world issues.  She is excited to help others experience the unique world of Model United Nations while at the same time encouraging delegates to push themselves out of their comfort zones. In her spare time, Tessa is probably playing soccer or spending time with her friends and family. Tessa is looking forward to meeting all of you and an exciting weekend filled with intellectual debate. She is excited to see you all in October.


Jack Millos

Assistant Director

Jack Millos of WPGA is a grade 10 student who is ready and raring to be your assistant director in ASEAN. Since VYMUN 2017, he’s been a menace to all chairs who consistently remind him to raise his placards after they’ve been called. He’s got an itch for all things politics, and hopes that VYMUN 2020 will scratch it. Although, if you can’t find him watching Ben Shapiro with Joe Rogan, you can safely bet he is ordering all the veggie options at Rice Burger shortly before a run. As your assistant director, his light-hearted laugh’s and charming persona will make sure you remain stress-free and have the best MUN experience you can get. He can’t wait to meet all of you and make sure this MUN conference appeals to your every need!