Emma-Jane Burns


Emma-Jane is delighted to serve as the Director of the African Union for the 2019 iteration of VYMUN. Currently a sophomore at York House, Emma has been captivated by Model UN, and debate since 2016. Emma-Jane likes to challenge set ideas and opinions, engage with different people, and see the world from many perspectives. Above all, Emma constantly loves to question her own opinions, be flexible, and learn from others to develop her viewpoint. Emma-Jane encourages delegates to engage in successful and respectful discourse, and to learn something new at VYMUN 2019. In her spare time, Emma can be caught petting her cat, drinking iced tea, or hanging out by the beach (no matter the season). She looks forward to meeting you all; please feel free to contact her if any questions arise.

Michelle Li


Currently a Grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy, Michelle is delighted to serve this year as the Chair of the African Union. Since her introductory experience to VYMUN in 2015, Michelle has come to love its engaging and pragmatic debates, buzzing community spirit and sleepless nights (which she’s no stranger to). She continues to be inspired by the intelligent conversation that ensues through the process of understanding, and moreover, empathizing, with the many different global perspectives and current events which circulates our world today. Outside of MUN, you can find Michelle painting, hosting Peppa Pig painting workshops, getting film developed, and taking lots of naps. She strives to work hard in creating a welcoming environment for all delegates to step outside of their comfort zone and looks forward to meeting everyone up in Whistler for VYMUN 2019!

Connor Leung

Assistant Director

Currently studying grade 10 at West Point Grey Academy, Connor Leung is delighted to be the assistant director for the African Union. Three years ago, he attended his first MUN conference; since then, he enjoys discussing ideas with his peers and collaborating to make a resolution paper. Apart from MUN, he can be seen practicing tennis, honing his piano skills, refereeing a soccer game, or in a heated debate session. When he isn’t busy, Connor enjoys drinking bubble tea, listening to music, or playing video games with friends. Overall, Connor is excited to meet the delegates and to partake in VYMUN 2019.

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