The year is 1642, and the tyranny of English King Charles I is rampant. After attempts to arrest perceived Puritan sympathisers within parliament, the King's power has increasingly become threatened by the radical Oliver Cromwell and his republican tendencies. At this point in time, England is divided between Protestants and Catholics, but is more importantly divided on matters of democracy, monarchy, and ultimately, the role that the state ought to play in citizens' lives. Delegates will have to unravel the unique sociocultural tension of 17th century England while attempting to hold on to political and military power. Whether it collapses into conflict or is able to reconcile its differences to move forward into a more pluralistic society, England will never be the same.


Lydia Montagu-Wenzek

Director —

Currently a Junior at York House School, Lydia is honoured to be able to share her passion for debate and diplomacy as the director of Cabinet this VYMUN. Since her first conference in 2017, Lydia has fallen in love with the exciting and fiery nature of high school Model UN. During her free time, Lydia can be found singing along to her friends’ meticulously crafted Spotify playlists, ordering in Thai food, and engaging in lively political discussions with anyone who will listen as a ploy to procrastinate her biology homework. She looks forward to meeting all delegates and diving into the thrilling world of this year’s Cabinet.

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Namara Morse


​Currently a junior at WPGA, this is Namara’s second time staffing at VYMUN, and she is ecstatic to be the chair for Cabinet. Since her first conference in grade 7, she has continued to explore her passion for model UN. When she isn’t participating in conferences, Namara loves to travel, spend time with her friends, and watch Netflix. Namara challenges you all to step outside your comfort zone this October and push yourself. She can’t wait to meet you all and hopes you will enjoy the conference!


Mikaela Wong

Assistant Director

Enthusiastic about anything action packed, Mikaela Wong is ready to rumble as your assistant director for Cabinet. From her first delegation, to currently being in her first staffing position, Mikaela, having attended many years of VYMUN, is proud to offer any guidance needed. Having also had (and continues having) her share of subpar moments, Mikaela wants the delegates to know that it is absolutely valid to occasionally feel stuck, stressed and secluded. She knows that with enough pressure, any task can become paralyzing, making one feel needlessly exhausted. She acknowledges that it is overwhelming to tackle these emotions alone, and thus, offers her support, inviting the restless to take a deep breath, to have some perspective and then, when ready, to take actions in solving the issue. Please reach out to Mikaela if ever needed, and she wishes you all a lovely time at VYMUN 2020!

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Kelly Wong

Assistant Chair

Kelly is currently a sophomore at West Point Grey Academy. She looks forward to being the Assistant Chair of Cabinet this year. Kelly attended her first Model UN conference two years ago, and she has attended VYMUN every year since. She is very excited to meet all of the delegates this fall!