The Cabinet Committee simulates the primary executive body of government entities while engaging in real-time crises through crisis Rules of Procedure. This year’s iteration of the Cabinet Committee explores the topic of Sino-Soviet relations through Chairman Mao’s executive Cabinet.


This crisis committee is designed for delegates with extensive experience and debate knowledge, as well as those passionate about Chinese history and politics. Positions papers are mandatory and are required in order to be considered for an award. Please direct all inquiries and position papers for this committee to cabinet@vymun.ca.

Topic: Sino-Soviet Relations
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Meet the Dais Team

Ray Zhang-Director Photo.png

As a junior at West Point Grey Academy, Ray is delighted to serve as one of your directors for this year's iteration of VYMUN. Ray was introduced to the paradigm of Model United Nations in Grade 8, and he was immediately enraptured by the incessant debate and discussion that pervaded the room. Through Model United Nations, Ray was able to gain a holistic understanding of society and how the world operates. Ray hopes that over the course of the conference, you will also be able to enjoy that same experience he did.  In addition, he also hopes that all the delegates will foster their own love for international politics, while simultaneously improving their public speaking and communication skills. Out of the conference room, Ray enjoys practicing the piano, watching basketball, and playing CS:GO all night long with his friends. He looks forward to meeting everyone in October!

Ray Zhang
Jenny Jia - Chair Photo.jpg

Though it is her final year of high school, VYMUN 2022 marks Jenny’s first year of MUN.  Jenny is proud to serve as Chair of the Cabinet, and has had a fond interest in global affairs since grade 8. In her free time, you can find her staring at thematic maps, watching the Canucks lose, playing Taylor Swift songs on the piano, or making failed attempts to learn the official languages of the UN. She hopes you have a fulfilling weekend!

Jenny Jia