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United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs


The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs, CND, is a functional commission of ECOSOC and serves as the primary body regulating drug policy. In particular, the commission plays an important role in the realm of international drug control conventions. 


Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, CND was founded in 1946 and has continued to meet annually to review the global drug situation, develop strategies on international drug control, and recommend preventative and remedial measures to alleviate the strain of drugs on the international community. 


This committee is designed for beginner to intermediate delegates alike, butis open to all delegates regardless of experience. Though position papers are not required, they are recommended to ensure delegates feel prepared and comfortable throughout the conference. Please submit all papers to your committee director. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to cnd@vymun.com.

Topic B: Technology in Drug Related Crime

Meet the Dais Team

Ankita Biswas

Director: cnd@vymun.com

A junior at West Point Grey Academy, Ankita is beyond thrilled to direct CND this year! Ankita looks forward to seeing heated discourse, passionate speeches, and most of all, the formation of new and life-long friendships. Besides frantically googling her country stance during committee sessions, Ankita can be found inside her house. Suffering from incurable procrastination, she spends all her time wearing fuzzy sweaters, baking way too many muffins, burning the roof of her mouth on espresso and writing trashy poetry. On the rare occasion that she leaves her house, Ankita enters her natural habitat: soccer mom. From handing out orange slices and fishy crackers to spraying everyone with sunscreen, she is quite possibly the youngest soccer mom to date. Experts and novices alike, Ankita welcomes everyone to CND and hopes delegates will leave with a growing interest in global affairs and experiences to last a lifetime. 

Megan Wang


Megan is a senior at Lord Byng Secondary School and is ecstatic to serve as the Chair of the CND at VYMUN 2021. Ever since setting foot into the realm of Model UN as a timid grade nine student, she has been enthralled by the fiery discourse that unfolds in the ballrooms of the Fairmont Chateau. Model UN has given Megan the chance to overcome her initial fear of public speaking, engage in global affairs, and make a group of long-lasting friends like no other. Outside of MUN, Megan can be found meticulously planning her schedule on Google Calendar, playing her violin out of tune, and attempting to sleep before 10 p.m. every night (with varying degrees of success). Megan is incredibly excited to meet all of her delegates and cannot wait to preside over a weekend of diplomacy and debate. 

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Jenibelle Wang

Assistant Director

A junior at Little Flower Academy, Jenibelle is beyond delighted to serve as the assistant director on the Commission on Narcotic Drugs. She attended her first conference nerve-wracked and full of suspense, but after the first session, she grew to love the thrilling debate MUN provides. Jenibelle enjoys the friendships she has formed through MUN and the overall community MUN fosters. Conference weekends have brought many memorable moments that she will forever cherish. She hopes to facilitate a similar MUN experience at VYMUN 2021! Outside of session, Jenibelle can be found making delicious treats in the kitchen, trying to finish one of her many unfinished crochet projects, or figuring out how life works. She is overjoyed to meet all of you in the Fall!