Committees Program

VYMUN is proud to offer 14 different committees covering a vast array of subjects.

Our staffing team has worked diligently to develop engaging topics relevant to our current geopolitical climate. At VYMUN our first priority is always encouraging debate rather than prioritizing solutions. Of course, resolution papers will be written but at our conference, we place an emphasis on ensuring that the crux of the discussion is always pursued. Our goal is to broaden delegates' perspectives by guiding them through the complex subject matter in a learning-based environment. VYMUN is designed for youth delegates who are interested in exploring international issues and learning more about negotiation, compromise, and resolution. Our team is committed to providing students with the guidance to pursue debate, confidence to speak up, and the support required to succeed. Beyond this, we strive to support new and experienced delegates alike which is why, for the first time ever, we will be streaming committees based on beginner, intermediate, and advanced delegates. When considering committees please look at both the expected difficulty of the committee and the topics in order to select the agency that is right for you or your students.

The position paper deadline is Friday, October 29th at 11:59 PDT. Please submit your papers to your committee director.

For any questions, please contact for further assistance.