Economic and Financial Affairs Council


The second of six general assemblies, the Economic and Financial Committee acts as a forum for member states to discuss global financial and economic matters. Since its inception in 1945, ECOFIN has strived to uphold its mandate and values. Whether its domestic or international policy, ECOFIN's mandate spans 11 different themes covering issues ranging from the eradication of poverty to financing for development. With the uncertain future of the global economy, ECOFIN will play a pivotal role in the economic recovery for years to come.

Topic A: Economic Recovery of Post-Conflict States
Topic B: Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy

Rafeeq Kassam-Jiwani

Director —

Currently in his grade 11 year at WPGA, Rafeeq is elated, excited, delighted, ecstatic (you get the idea…) to be the director of ECOFIN! His MUN journey started way back in grade 7, where he attended his very first conference - VYMUN! Since then he has been to MUN’s across the world, and VYMUN 2019 will be his 8th MUN conference. When Rafeeq is not engrossed in MUN, he can’t actually be found, as he is sleeping. However, when he can be found, he is travelling the world, spending time with his friends, or watching Modern Family. Rafeeq can’t wait to hear your nuanced, intelligent discussions and thought provoking, inspiring speeches (no pressure, delegates). He encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and really get into the heart of ECOFIN. He can’t wait to meet you all in October and wishes you the very best in your preparations!


Keira Gadalla 


Currently in 11th grade at WPGA, Keira is delighted to serve as Chair of ECOFIN at VYMUN 2020. She attended her first conference when she was in grade nine and has continued to be passionate about Model UN ever since. MUN has allowed her to discuss many crucial world issues and encourages her to keep learning. From all the new friends she has met to the intense debates she has partaken in, the experiences she has gained from MUN are unforgettable. During her free time, Keira enjoys spending time with her friends, skiing, and eating sushi. She is looking forward to another great year of VYMUN and can’t wait to meet all the delegates in October!


Ben Chang

Assistant Director

Currently in grade 12 at WPGA, Ben Chang is delighted to be your Assistant Director of ECOFIN. Ben attended his first conference a little over two years ago and instantly developed a passion for MUN and hopes to inspire others to enjoy Model United Nations as much as he does at VYMUN 2020. Aside from MUN, he can be found on the soccer pitch, on the tennis courts or spending time with friends. Ben wants to create a memorable experience for all delegates at VYMUN 2020 and looks forward to meeting everyone there!


Jessica Zhang

Assistant Chair

A sophomore at WPGA, Jessica can not be more thrilled to be your Assistant Chair for ECOFIN at VYMUN 2020! Jessica attended her first VYMUN conference in 2018, and has since then fallen in love with the engaging debate and complex discussion that occur in the world of MUN. In her spare time, you can find her doing one of only two things: hanging out with her friends or taking a nap! Jessica would like to encourage first time delegates to not be afraid and speak up, and she hopes that all delegates are comfortable approaching her at any time for help! She is beyond excited to meet all of you for an exciting and memorable weekend!