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Economic and Social Council


The United Nations Economic and Social Council, also known as ECOSOC, is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations as detailed in the UN Charter. Founded in June of 1945, the committee has headquarters in New York, United States and Geneva, Switzerland.


Responsible for the coordination of the social, humanitarian, and cultural activities of the UN, ECOSOC is the UN’s most complex subsidiary body. Under its responsibilities, this committee collects reports, conducts studies, and forms resolutions for the consideration of the General Assembly. Its primary focuses of discussion include human rights, social development, statistics, science and technology, and more. 


This committee is designed for beginner to intermediate delegates alike but is open to all delegates regardless of experience. Though position papers are not required, they are recommended to ensure delegates feel prepared and comfortable throughout the conference. Please submit all papers to your committee director. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to ecosoc@vymun.com.

Meet the Dais Team

Marcus Chu.jpeg
Marcus Chu



Ever since his first MUN meeting in grade 7, Marcus has enjoyed engaging in the MUN journey he has taken. Now, he is excited to serve the delegates as the Director of ECOSOC. Being a delegate can sometimes be daunting and Marcus understands completely, after all, he used to be that frightened delegate that never spoke up. But, Marcus is committed to helping all those in need and is devoted to making an open space for everyone. Not only can you find Marcus debating in MUN, but you might find him getting bubble tea or playing Pokemon Go. If you do see him, don’t be afraid to say hello.

Rose Liu - Chair.HEIC
Rose Liu



Entering her senior year at West Point Grey Academy, Rose is delighted to be serving as your co-director for ECOSOC. Ever since she had vehemently argued for the use of nuclear weapons to deflect Near Earth Objects as Israel back in grade 8, she has found herself delving deeper and deeper into the world of diplomacy and global affairs. Over the years, Rose has thankfully become more realistic with her resolution ideas, but she still treasures the exciting, extremely unpredictable and collaborative environment of Model UN. Outside the conference room, Rose can be found spending too much time on Genshin Impact, crying over sad romance anime, and indulging in overpriced bubble tea. Rose is excited to meet all the delegates and looks forward to a weekend of insightful debate!

Jenna Zhang


Jenna is in Grade 11 at Richmond Christian Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as the Chair for this iteration of ECOSOC. She has participated in Model United Nations for a year and has already become enamoured with many newfound memories ranging from witnessing delegates request a one on one fight amongst each other to saving citizens from fish with legs. When she is not researching for conferences, Jenna can be found wishing for the newest five-star on Genshin, overthinking what she should wear the next day, and reminiscing over Hayday. To all the prospective delegates of ECOSOC this coming conference, Jenna wishes that everyone will be enthralled with vigorous debate!

Kiran Sun_edited.jpg
Kiran Sun


A sophomore at St George’s School, Kiran is thrilled to be serving as the Chair of the United Nations Economic and Social Council at VYMUN 2021. Since joining his first committee, ad hoc, in Grade 7, Kiran has been enthralled by the complexity and scope of Model United Nations. Over the past three years, he has participated in a wide variety of committees, ranging from DISEC and SOCHUM to JCC and FCC, each continuing to foster his interest in diplomacy and global affairs. When not researching for MUN conferences, Kiran can be found racking his brains over difficult math problems, trying not to capsize in the middle of the Fraser River, or struggling to play Concert F on his flute. Kiran looks forward to meeting every delegate and sharing an immersive and rewarding weekend.

VYMUN Photo.jpg
Calvin Liu

Assistant Director

Presently a sophomore at West Point Grey Academy, Calvin Liu is elated to serve as the Assistant Director for ECOSOC Committee this year! Originally swept into the ardent and fervent discussions of MUN in Grade 7, he attended his first committee the following year. The colorful debates have become a part of him ever since, and the discourses helped shape his historical understanding and perpetuating socio-political fascinations. Calvin enjoys fast-paced logical and solution seeking discussions, and hopes to endow the delegates at VYMUN this year with the same eye-opening experience he underwent in the past. While educational and knowledge seeking undertakings shape many parts of his life, outside of such a milieu, Calvin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with his friends. Calvin is exultant to help facilitate wonderful debates at VYMUN this fall!

Juliette Levy-Gay

Assistant Director

Juliette is a grade 10 student at WPGA who could not be more excited to be an assistant director at VYMUN 2021. Juliette has been involved in Model UN since grade 8 and has now participated in 6 Model UN conferences, this being the 2nd at which she has been a part of the dais team. Juliette’s favourite parts of Model UN are having the opportunity to connect with other high school students as well as learning more about current global affairs. Outside of school, Juliette loves to spend her time with her friends, go thrift shopping, and do arts and crafts projects. Juliette is looking forward to a memorable and engaging conference, at which she hopes to be an incredible assistant director and enrich the experience of all delegates.