European Union


The European Union was created in 1993 to both politically and economically unify a number of European countries. Currently, it is composed of 28 nations. The EU was created in response to the devastation of World War II in hopes of preventing the violence and oppression that occurred during the war from happening again. Essentially, it is a union that was created to establish and maintain peace. However, as the years pass, challenges have arisen within the EU. These difficulties include issues such as the European Immigration Crisis, and the upcoming separatism of the United Kingdom from the EU.


EU is primarily designed for intermediate delegates. Though position papers are not required, they are recommended to ensure delegates feel prepared and comfortable throughout the conference.

Topic A: Arms Exports to Conflict Afflicted Areas
Topic B: Reaching a Net Neutral Europe

Zara Smith

Director —

Currently a Junior at WPGA, Zara is beyond thrilled to be directing the European Union for VYMUN 2020! Looking back to the start of her MUN journey at VYMUN 2017, she still remembers the nervous excitement surrounding her very first committee sessions. As she grew more comfortable sparking debate and leading discussions, Zara quickly fell in love with the world MUN, making lasting friendships with other passionate individuals. She hopes to foster that same bubbling enthusiasm that she feels in the bright minded new delegates of the EU this year. On the occasion that she is not scrambling for more information on political topics, you can find Zara performing on stage, carving the slopes on ski trips, or at the smoothie bar at Whole Foods. Zara is beyond thrilled to help delegates step out of their comfort zones and take risks, hopefully leading to the same positive experiences that have shaped her life. Zara, like all MUNers, understands the daunting feeling of one's first few committee sessions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to her for any questions or support! She is eagerly looking forward to meeting you all! 

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Michel Collet


A junior at West Point Grey Academy, Michel is excited to be chairing the European Union. Ever since his first Model UN in Grade 9, Michel has developed a profound interest in world issues and Model UN. Aside from MUN, Michel has a great time hanging out with friends, listening to music, and studying. He looks forward to meeting all of you at the debate-packed weekend of VYMUN 2020!


Rachel Zheng

Assistant Director

Currently in her sophomore year at West Point Grey Academy, Rachel is delighted to serve as your assistant director for the European Union at VYMUN 2020. Since her first Model UN conference in 2018, Rachel has sparked an interest in discussing international affairs from new perspectives. Rachel is constantly inspired by the stimulating debate in each committee session, creating unforgettable memories alongside new friends. During her spare time, Rachel enjoys splurging her allowance on bubble tea, binge watching shows past midnight, and playing virtual jeopardy with her cousins. Rachel looks forward to a weekend filled with heated debate as delegates tackle global issues, and she hopes that VYMUN 2020 becomes a memorable experience for everyone.


Edward Wang

Assistant Chair

A grade 10 student in West Point Grey Academy, Edward is delighted to be serving as the EU’s Assistant Chair. Having stepped into a MUN conference room for the first time back when he was in grade 7, Edward has gained Model UN experience from the bottom up. This unique experience has given Edward the stepping stone he needed to dive into the world of Debate and Model UN, he has since been attending MUN conferences and debate tournaments left and right. Having known the cold lost feeling of stepping into a conference for the first time, Edward promises that he will make sure that all those in his committee will feel welcomed and acknowledged. Outside of Model UN, you can find Edward catching up on his favorite anime and manga, practicing his favorite pieces on the piano, or shutting down champions in Summoner’s Rift.