Tina Qu


Currently a junior at West Point Grey Academy, Tina is absolutely ecstatic to be directing the European Union at VYMUN 2019. After attending this very conference in 2017, Tina has come to love every aspect of Model UN, even if it means getting 5 hours of sleep per night. Model UN has allowed Tina to step out of her comfort zone and engage herself in heated debates and make new friends. In her free time, Tina enjoys going on wild shopping sprees downtown, watching cute cartoons, and eating out at various cafes. She hopes that every single delegate has just as great an experience as her at VYMUN and is looking forward to meeting everyone in October.


Jordan Rosenfeld


As a Senior at St. George’s school, Jordan is very excited to be joining the staffing team for VYMUN 2019.  Jordan began his Model United Nations journey in 8th grade and has been fortunate enough to attend several conferences over his high school career, including a conference in New York City. MUN has allowed Jordan to expand his understanding of global events and international affairs and has allowed him to gain confidence in his public speaking. Outside of Model UN, Jordan enjoys watching Netflix, playing sports such as hockey and rugby, and traveling whenever he gets the chance.  Jordan is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as the Chair for the EU for this iteration of VYMUN and looks forward to what is surely going to be a successful conference.  

Katrina Sun

Assistant Director

Currently in her sophomore year at West Point Grey Academy Katrina is overjoyed to be your assistant directing the European Union at VYMUN 2019. Since attending her first MUN conference in 2016, Katrina has been continually amazed and inspired by the stimulating debate of Model United Nations. Discovering both lifelong friends and new outlooks on international affairs, she hopes to motivate every delegate to step out of their comfort zones and be outspoken while discussing each fascinating topic. In her spare time, you can find Katrina visiting beaches around Vancouver, eating hot pot, or taking many, many naps.

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