Futuristic Crisis Committee


The unexpected has happened. An unknown virus has infected a third of Central and North America, turning people into the walking dead, or better known as zombies. Cannibalistic and ruthless, the remaining human race is in grave danger. As this disease is quite new, very little data has been collected about the virus thus far. In this committee, delegates will be tasked with managing the containment and spread of the zombies, finding the most effective method to avoid further casualties. 

The FCC is designed for experienced delegates. Position papers are mandatory for this committee, and must be completed in order to be considered for an award.


Please send your position papers to fcc2@vymun.ca, along with any questions or concerns regarding your position papers.

Topic: International Zombie Outbreak
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Meet the Dais Team


Westley is very excited to serve as the Director of FCC for VYMUN 2022. Though he is a relatively new addition to both WPGA and model UN, he is working hard to help make this year's conference as thought provoking as possible, and hopes that it is a memorable one for everybody involved. Westley always seeks to create spaces which are simultaneously open to constructive debate and discourse while still holding true to the values of inclusion and diversity of opinion which make any great discussion even stronger.

Westley Peregoodoff-Marte



David Jiang - Chair.jpg

David is excited to serve as the Chair of the Fictional Crisis Committee in VMUN 2022. His involvement with MUN rooted from 9th grade, and has never ceased to grow since. As a 11th grade student of WPGA, David strives to seek new opportunities in becoming part of the VYMUN Staff. David always brings positive energy to the conference and continues to be a helping hand when one needs him. Other than MUN related efforts, David competes in chess, mathematics, and loves to play basketball after school. As chair, he is thrilled for VYMUN 2022 to have him, and looks forward to meeting all delegates in the fall!

David Jiang