Historical Crisis Committee


The Historical Crisis Committee (HCC) is a continuous crisis committee which distinguishes itself from the general and specialized committees. The committee makes decisions that immediately affect the historical crisis at hand. Although delegates know how the crisis ended in the past, they are encouraged to imagine themselves in the shoes of the historical figures that impacted these events and change history, for better or worse. Delegates must be able to balance their personal interests with the interests of their respective characters.


HCC is designed for advanced delegates wishing to challenge themselves in a fast-paced crisis committee. Position papers are required to aid delegates in feeling prepared for the conference

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Sam Bendl

Director — hcc@vymun.com

Sam has helped run the HCC multiple times as an assistant director in the past, but for his final year, he has decided to take on the role of director. Outside of MUN, you will likely find him hiking, playing video games, or rowing, which he has joked about being his one personality trait on many occasions. Using his love of history, Sam has methodically planned out what twists may happen in the committee or what tricks delegates may pull out of their sleeves. Sam hopes that no matter what happens, his delegates free themselves from the shackles of history while deciding the future and the path that their committee will take. He has been planning for the committee on and off since the end of the last VYMUN and hopes that his final VYMUN will be his best. Lastly, he didn't have a suit with him when the biographies were due which is why his photo is two years old.


Kaari Urbanek


Kaari will be your Chair of HCC at VYMUN 2020! This will be Kaari’s 4th VYMUN and her second time staffing. VYMUN was her first ever conference in grade 8 and she loved the fast paced nature of discussion that MUN cultivates. Through these past couple of years she has used the skills learned in Model United Nations on a trip she took to Ottawa in which she visited the Supreme Court of Canada(pictured above) and spoke at the House of Commons. Though she was incredibly nervous for her first conference, Kaari hopes to bring fun to HCC and ensure all of the delegates feel comfortable to speak their mind. In her free time Kaari enjoys playing the guitar, researching political advocacy groups, painting and skateboarding with her friends. She hopes that you all have a fantastic time preparing for and attending VYMUN 2020. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her with any questions!


Rubi Katz

Assistant Director

Currently a junior at West Point Grey Academy, Rubi is thrilled to be the Assistant Director of HCC for VYMUN 2020. Rubi started her MUN journey at VYMUN 2017, and while she didn’t say a single word at her first conference, she left feeling incredibly rewarded and excited to return to the conference that first introduced her to the fascinating world of MUN. In her spare time, you can find Rubi flying down the ski hill, bingeing Grey's Anatomy repeatedly, and spending time with her friends. Rubi looks forward to a weekend full of exciting debate and discussions. She can’t wait to meet you all in the fall!

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Adam George

Assistant Chair

A student at West Point Grey Academy in grade 10, Adam is thrilled to be serving you as HCC’s Assistant Chair at VYMUN 2020. Since first attending VYMUN in grade 8, Adam has come to enjoy and love Model UN. Outside of Model UN Adam can be found playing video games, playing soccer, reading and hanging out with his friends. He is looking forward to seeing you all at VYMUN in October!