Historical Crisis Committee


The Historical Crisis Committee (HCC) is a continuous crisis committee which distinguishes itself from the general and specialized committees. The committee makes decisions that immediately affect the historical crisis at hand. Although delegates know how the crisis ended in the past, they are encouraged to imagine themselves in the shoes of the historical figures that impacted these events and change history, for better or worse. Delegates must be able to balance their personal interests with the interests of their respective characters.


HCC is designed for advanced delegates wishing to challenge themselves in a fast-paced crisis committee. Position papers are required to aid delegates in feeling prepared for the conference.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to hcc@vymun.com.

Meet the Dais Team

Koby Chen



Koby is a grade 12 student at St. George's School and is beyond ecstatic to be co-directing the Historical Crisis Committee. Ever since his first 14-second speech, he has been drawn to the multifaceted and gratifying world of Model UN. In fact, VYMUN was his first conference ever. Outside of this activity, Koby can be found obsessively binging Netflix sitcoms, throwing pieces on a pottery wheel, and hanging out with his pet rabbit Jimbertim. He hopes that all delegates will savour this weekend full of discourse, one filled with fast-paced debate, unexpected crisis updates, and full immersion into revolutionary America.

Owen_Hu - co-Director_edited.jpg
Owen Hu



Your co-Director for this iteration of VYMUN is Owen Hu, a rising junior from Burnaby North. Having attended his first conference the day after learning of Model UN’s existence, the exhilarating world of MUN has granted Owen the opportunity to broaden his worldview and make long-lasting friends with delegates and staff alike. With wishes for every delegate to step outside of their comfort zone, Owen is beyond elated to contribute to this valuable opportunity for the leaders of the future. When not engaging in deep diplomatic discussion, Owen can be found co-authoring a monumental fantasy novel, trying to draw his next game of chess in a hopelessly losing position, or gazing at city reflections down by the lake with his friends. Owen avidly awaits a vivaciously vibrant committee full of vigorous debate!

Kathy Zhou - Chair.jpg
Kathy Zhou


Currently a senior at West Point Grey Academy, Kathy is honoured and thrilled to serve as your chair of HCC this year. Ever since her introduction to MUN in grade eight, she has been intrigued by the fast-paced debates, collaborative problem solving, and overall welcoming environment of the conferences. Although it may seem stressful to participate in resolving pressing global issues, Kathy urges every delegate to speak up and step out of their comfort zones. In her spare time, Kathy can be found shopping with friends, playing badminton, or crying over k-dramas. She can’t wait to see everyone at VYMUN 2021 and please reach out to her if any help is needed!

Darren Tsai - Assistant Director_edited.jpg
Darren Tsai

Assistant Director

Currently in his sophomore year at St. George’s School, Darren is honoured to be serving as the Assistant Director of the Historical Crisis Committee at VYMUN 2021. Ever since raising his placard for the first time in Grade 8 to recite a seconds-long pre-written speech, Darren’s inspiration for the fast-paced debate and diplomacy in the world of Model UN has only grown. It was through Model UN that he discovered his interest in debating international relations and politics. When not advocating for egotistical solutions and seceding from countries in crises, Darren can be found watching videos of misbehaving politicians, spending precious hours playing iMessage games with his friends, and firmly defending his opinions on political issues around the world. He looks forward to a fast-paced weekend filled with intriguing debate at VYMUN 2021.