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Historical Crisis Committee


Five families—the Bonanno, Colombo, Gambino, Genovese, and Lucchese—sit at the forefront of the Italian-American mafia. Through trafficking, fraud, corruption, extortion, and murder, these five families have taken over New York. While the past two decades have presented an exponential growth in the form of wealth and power, the heads of each family convene to discuss rising concerns of law enforcement. Delegates in this committee, or Mafiosi, will work to evade such law enforcement and gain power over the competing families of New York.

The Historical Crisis Committee is most suited for experienced delegates but welcomes all those wishing to challenge the boundaries of their abilities. Positions papers are mandatory and are required in order to be considered for an award. Please direct all inquiries and position papers for this committee to

Topic: Five Families: Evading Law Enforcement
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Meet the Dais Team

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Kevin George


Currently in the 10th grade at West Point Grey Academy, Kevin George is honored to attend an in-person conference, nonetheless staff at one! Though he may have originally joined the MUN club to get more comfortable with public speaking, he stayed for the nuanced ideas and diverse perspectives that MUN brings forth in all delegates as well as the opportunity to meet students in older grades. He can be found obtaining a terrible kill to death ratio in Battlefield 1 or binge-watching Suits when he is not taking-in copious amounts of blue light from google docs. He is looking forward to meeting all of you and seeing some fantastic debates between different mafia members.

John Cacos


John is a student at West Point Grey Academy and is honoured to be a chair this year at VYMUN 2022. John’s interest in MUN started in his grade 8 year. Since then, his passion for MUN has only grown stronger. He values the collaboration that takes place at the conferences between delegates, and further he loves the relationships he was able to build with individuals. His fondest memories from MUN stem from the friendships he made. Apart from MUN, John can be found on the soccer pitch, dunking a basketball, or simply at home watching The Office! John is excited to meet everyone at VYMUN this year!