Historical Crisis Committee


One of the most prominent dictators of the Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, has been assassinated. It has been discovered that Caesar had been stabbed to death my Roman senators in Rome, Italy, due to resentment over Caesar’s rising popularity and power. Approximately 60 senators were reported to have taken part in the conspiracy prior to the senate meeting on March 15, also referred to as the Ides of March. With the new reign of Augustus Caesar, it marked the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. Some believe the assassination was fitting for the former dictator, while others argue the senators actions were immoral and unjust. As of now, delegates must weigh the impacts Caesar’s death had on the public, and what further measures must be taken in order to bring peace to Rome. 

The HCC is designed for experienced delegates. Position papers are mandatory for this committee, and must be completed in order to be considered for an award.  


Please send your position papers to, along with any questions or concerns regarding your position papers.

Topic: Assasinaton of Julius Caesar

Meet the Dais Team

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Alyssa Lin


Alyssa is currently in her senior year at West Point Grey Academy and is thrilled to be directing the Historical Crisis Committee at VYMUN 2022. She loves the collaborative and diplomatic nature of Model United Nations and has been attending conferences since grade 7. She is excited to directe a crisis that challenges delegates, allowing them to be creative, utilise their research, and help in developing their skills. When not preparing for or participating in Model UN, you can find Alyssa writing songs, baking desserts and playing around with her cats. Alyssa looks forward to an engaging and productive committee session and can't wait to meet the delegates!

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Cadence Chua


Cadence Chua is a Grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy and is thrilled to be serving as your Chair of the Historical Crisis Committee. She fell in love with Model United Nations during her first conference in Grade 8 and since then her love has only grown. She knows that MUN can be a super scary experience and hopes that she can make this year's MUN a welcoming place for all. Outside MUN Cadence can be found on the tennis courts, playing violin, and listening to tons of music. She is excited for this year's MUN and can’t wait to meet everyone!