Historical Senate


The United States Senate, the upper chamber of the United States Congress, consists of 100 senators and the President of the Senate. Through thorough debate, the Senate’s goal is to draft and pass legislation that improves the state of the nation and the broader international community. As this is a historical committee, positions reflect the 86th United States Senate and not the current 117th Senate.


The Historical United States Senate is an intermediate committee designed for delegates seeking a unique experience in the world of legislative procedure and complex bipartisan politics in the midst of tense international conflict. Positions papers are mandatory and are required in order to be considered for an award. Please direct all inquiries and position papers for this committee to hus@vymun.ca.

Topic A: The Great Depression
Topic B: Cuban-American Relations
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Meet the Dais Team


As a sophomore at West Point Grey Academy, Emily Zhao is overjoyed to be serving as the director of the Historical U.S Senate committee. Since her first MUN in 2020, she has attended numerous conferences and has continued to be inspired by the nuanced conversations and debates that are sparked in every committee. In Emily’s spare time you can find her reading, working on an oil painting, or spending time with her friends and family. She is eager to meet all of you in October and wished delegates the best of luck!

Emily Zhao



Zane El-Ramly Chair.jpeg

In grade 9, Zane El-Ramly is excited to be a chair at VYMUN 2022 after many years of attending Model UN conferences. He loves the discord, and model UN style debate, he finds himself often getting invested in the interesting topics of argument and the roles he plays. VYMUN 2022 will be a valuable experience for all incoming delegates teaching of real world issues, and points of relevance in the world today. Nevertheless the conference should be a conjunction point for delegates to bond over the small, and big things broadening their horizons together. Away from model UN, you can find Zane reading manga at home or playing video games with friends. He looks forward to meeting everybody, and enjoying his time with as many delegates as possible.

Zane El-Ramly