International Atomic Energy Agency


Founded in 1957, the International Atomic Energy Agency aims to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Additionally, it discourages using it as weaponry, or for any military purpose. Keeping the slogan in mind, “atoms for peace,” the IAEA acts as a centre for cooperation in the nuclear sector. Its most notable plans of action include recovery from Fukushima, recovery from Hiroshima, as well as the Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy.

The IAEA is designed for intermediate delegates. Though position papers are not required, they are recommended to ensure delegates feel prepared and comfortable throughout the conference. Please submit all papers to your committee director. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Meet the Dais Team

Pierre Collet


As a senior at West Point Grey Academy, Pierre is thrilled to be directing IAEA in VYMUN 2021. Just over three years ago, Pierre attended his first MUN conference, and has since fallen in love with the unique, challenging, and engaging world of Model UN. Outside of MUN, Pierre can be found biking with friends, skiing in whistler, or eating pizza. Pierre looks forward to a weekend full of exciting debates, intriguing ideas, and new friendships. Pierre hopes to provide the delegates with the same great experience that he had with Model UN, and is extremely excited to meet everyone at VYMUN 2021!

Mokham Malik


Mohkam is a grade 11 student at Johnston heights, trying to better his community. With this being his first time holding a staff position at a hotel conference, he hopes to learn new skills and try out new experiences, ensuring a professional yet fun environment for the new and returning delegates here at VYMUN! Normally you’d find Mohkam planning world domination or stressing about IB, however, you can find him occasionally tucked away in a corner playing a harmonium, dreaming up ideas on how to change the world, or munching away on some smarties. Mohkam hopes to make this iteration of VYMUN considerably better than the last, and he doesn’t see a better way to do it  than by staffing as the Chair of IAEA II  bringing delegates together for a memorable time at VYMUN

Tessa Dubois-Phillips - IAEA Chair_edited.jpg
Tessa Dubois-Phillips


Currently a senior at West Point Grey Academy, Tessa is looking forward to being Chair for IAEA in VYMUN 2021. After attending many MUN conferences over the years, Tessa has developed her public speaking skills, broadened her world view and met many bright people. In response to the great experiences she has had, Tessa hopes to help provide the best weekend for the delegates in her committee. In Tessa’s free time she is either playing soccer or spending time with friends and family. Tessa is excited to watch delegates collaborate with one another as they strive towards finding solutions for complicated global issues. 

Hugo Lam - Assistant Director.jpg
Hugo Lam

Assistant Director

Currently a sophomore at St. George's School, Hugo is honoured to serve as an assistant director for the IAEA committee at VYMUN 2021. Ever since attending his first conference, Hugo has been enthralled by the intense debate, intricate resolutions, and diplomacy that Model UN has to offer. After attending numerous conferences, Hugo has cultivated a passion for international affairs and has broadened his perspective on global issues through debate. Outside of the committee room, Hugo can be found playing a variety of sports including basketball and badminton, biking along the West Coast with friends and family, and reading articles about current events. He looks forward to creating a diplomatic weekend filled with productive debate and wishes the best of luck to all delegates attending VYMUN 2021.