International Olympics Committee


The International Olympic Committee is a non-governmental sports organisation based in Lausanne, Switzerland. This is the authority responsible for organising the modern Summer, Winter, and Youth Olympic Games. The IOC is the government body of the National Olympic Committees and of the worldwide “Olympic Movement”. The IOC was founded on June 23rd, 1894. 

The IOC is designed for both beginner and intermediate delegates. Position papers are not mandatory for this committee, but must be completed in order to be considered for an award.  


Please send your position papers to ioc@vymun.ca, along with any questions or concerns regarding your position papers.

Topic A: Doping
Topic B: Gender Equality
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Meet the Dais Team

Cindy Cao - Director.png
Cindy Cao



Cindy Cao is currently a grade 12 student at West Point Grey Academy, and she is thrilled to be your IOC director for VYMUN 2022! Since attending her first conference in grade 9, Cindy has fallen in love with Model United Nations and can’t wait for October! Cindy recalls her VYMUN experience as adoring because the bondings, discussions and debates with delegates from other schools were beyond unbelievable. She is eager to meet everyone at VYMUN 2022, and she hopes that everyone in her committee will experience the same unique and fun weekend she did when she first walked into the Model United Nations world.

Erica Chang- Chair.JPG
Erica Chang


 As a junior at West Point Grey Academy, Erica is ecstatic to serve as Chair of IOC at VYMUN 2022. Since embarking on her MUN journey in grade nine, Erica has grown to love the endless discussions and chaotic crisis situations. She hopes that delegates are able to get outside of their comfort zone, connect with other students and most importantly, have a good time! Aside from MUN, Erica can be found hiking, binging tv shows, and eating hotpot with her friends. Please don’t hesitate to contact her if any questions arise. She can’t wait to meet all of you and is excited about a wonderful weekend!