Ministry of Magic


Arresto Momentum.


You have reached your destination: The Wizarding World.


In this unique committee, delegates will represent individuals from the British Ministry of Magic, which presides over the United Kingdom in all magical affairs. The first topic, Muggle Relations, entails a discussion of all things Muggle, from their knowledge of the Wizarding World to their place in institutions such as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The second topic, Rebuilding the Wizarding World, engages with the aftermath of Voldemort’s attempted takeover through the Second Wizarding War.


As this is a fictional committee, delegates will need prior knowledge of the Harry Potter franchise, whether it is in the form of the books or the accompanying movie series. Positions papers are mandatory and are required in order to be considered for an award. Please direct all inquiries and position papers for this committee to ministry@vymun.ca.

Topic A: Muggle Relations
Topic B: Repairing the Wizarding World after the Deathly Hallows
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Meet the Dais Team

Anderson Gao - Director.HEIC

Anderson is currently a Grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy and is honoured to serve as your director for the Ministry of Magic! Picking up the first Harry Potter book when he was 9 years old, Anderson enjoyed every single page and often sat down reading for hours on end. The Harry Potter series was the first book series that Anderson genuinely loved, and he was both equally surprised and grateful to be given the opportunity to combine his passion for MUN and the wizarding world. Outside of MUN and the magical world, Anderson can be found playing chess and video games with his friends, piano in his free time, or solving a Rubik’s Cube. Whether it be negotiating resolution terms with other delegates or finding the courage to make that first speech, Anderson hopes that you will all enjoy the Ministry of Magic and neville give up!

Anderson Gao

Currently a grade 12 student at West Point Grey Academy, Alessia is thrilled to serve as chair for the Ministry of Magic at the seventeenth iteration of Vancouver Youth Model United Nations. Ever since her very first MUN conference in grade 8 (that being VYMUN), her passion for Model UN has grown. In her spare time, you can find her spending time with her bestfriends, bingeing Netflix, playing sports, or shredding down the slopes in Whistler. Alessia cannot wait to help foster fruitful debate and she looks forward to meeting all of you this fall! 

Alessia Watson