North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Established in 1949 in response to a growing Soviet threat, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a military alliance between 29 North American and European countries. In recent years, NATO has taken more of a peacekeeping role, participating in operations in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. The United States, NATO’s largest military contributor, has grown skeptical of the organization, rendering its future and importance to international politics unclear.


NATO is primarily designed for advanced delegates. Position papers are required to aid delegates in feeling prepared for the conference.

Topic A: NATO's Mandate in Afghanistan
Topic B: Nuclear Arms Controls

Katrina Sun

Director —

Currently in her junior year at West Point Grey Academy, Katrina is overjoyed to be directing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization at VYMUN 2020. Since attending her first conference in 2016, Katrina has been continually amazed and inspired by the stimulating debate of Model United Nations. Discovering both lifelong friends and new outlooks on international affairs, she hopes to motivate every delegate to step out of their comfort zones and be outspoken while discussing each fascinating topic. In her spare time, you can find Katrina visiting beaches around Vancouver, discovering new restaurants, or solving her friends’ problems. She hopes to provide an enjoyable learning experience to all delegates and is looking forward to seeing everyone in October. 


Noah Wong


A rising senior in the International Baccalaureate programme at Meadowridge School, Noah is excited to be serving as the Chair of NATO at VYMUN 2020. Since reluctantly speaking at his first conference in Grade 8, Noah has developed a passion for international relations and will forever be grateful for all the memories and friends he’s made through MUN. Outside of Model UN Noah can be found playing with swords as a competitive fencer, spending hours on public transit trying to find new restaurants and re-watching The Office. Noah hopes to create a memorable experience for all delegates at VYMUN 2020 and looks forward to meeting everyone!


Yufei Huang

Assistant Director

As a student in grade 10 at West Point Grey Academy, Yufei Huang is delighted to serve as your assistant director for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. She attended her first MUN conference only one year ago and found the experience exhilarating; she is excited for another weekend full of debate! Outside of Model UN, you can find Yufei spending hours on end in the dance studio, binging How To Get Away With Murder, or hanging out with her best friends. She cannot wait to meet everyone!


Michella O'Brian

Assistant Chair

Michella O’Brian is thrilled to be your assistant chair for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization! She is a grade 10 student attending West Point Grey Academy who has a growing passion for MUN and loves to express her ideas through public speaking. Her previous experiences attending VYMUN and her participation in courses incorporating debate have been major highlights that have led to her discoverance of her love for MUN. In her spare time, you will find Michella spending time with her friends, dancing ballet, and watching hours of Grey’s Anatomy. She is really looking forward to meeting all the VYMUN 2020 delegates!