Denny Tan


Denny is a Senior at WPGA who's just now entering his 6th year of VYMUN. He is usually described as quiet by those who haven't heard him on the podium. Although he is not characteristically magniloquent, he has nonetheless developed a passion for speaking. Outside of MUN and Debate, Denny can be found drinking root beer, building models, or trying not to succumb to the unifying narrative of anxiety. He’s excited to direct NATO this year; feel free to contact him about any concerns you may have about the topic, the backgrounders, or techniques.

Rafeeq Kassam-Jiwani


Currently, in his sophomore year at WPGA, Rafeeq is elated, excited, delighted, ecstatic (you get the idea…) to be the chair of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)! His journey in MUN started way back in grade 7, where he attended his very first conference which also happened to be VYMUN! Since then he has been to MUN’s across Canada and the US, and VYMUN 2019 will be his 7th MUN conference. When Rafeeq is not engrossed in MUN, he can’t actually be found, as he is sleeping. However, when he can be found, he is traveling the world, spending time with his friends, binge-watching Suits, or grinding away at NHL on his Ps4. Rafeeq can’t wait to hear your nuanced, intelligent discussions and thought-provoking, inspiring speeches (no pressure, delegates). He encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and really get into the heart of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. He can’t wait to meet you all in October and wishes you the very best in your preparations!

Leilany Chan

Assistant Director

Hi delegates! My name is Leilany and I’m thrilled to be your assistant director for NATO this year. From advocating for Ethiopia in grade 8 to shouting “decorum” in grade 11, I’ve been involved in MUN for quite some time. Aside from MUN conferences, I like to listen to music (lofi hip hop radio- beats to relax/study to), learn about different cultures, and make art. If you ever want to find me, visit your nearest bubble tea shop and I’ll be there struggling on math homework. See you at VYMUN 2020! 

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