Meet the 2021 Secretariat Team

Vincent Gao

A senior at West Point Grey Academy, Vincent Gao is delighted to serve as one of VYMUN’s Co-Secretary Generals. Vincent fell in love with the world of Model United Nations at a very young age — he has always been intrigued by the event’s promotion of discourse, discussion, and debate. It is his belief that MUN is where young minds evolve into our next generation of difference makers, diplomats, and politicians. He might not be able to meet all of you, but hopes that this iteration of VYMUN is as enjoyable and educational as it was for him in previous years. In his free time, you might find Vincent Gao pretending to be a competitive eater (at home), practicing the art of competitive argumentation at debate tournaments (online), and having a laugh with some of his closest friends (over Zoom). Overall, Vincent is excited in anticipation of an eventful weekend, packed with productive debate. Please feel free to contact him should you have any questions! He is looking forward to meeting you in October.

Adam Dawood

Adam Dawood is a Grade 12 student at West Point Grey Academy and is honoured to serve as one of your Co-Secretary Generals this year! Even since his first MUN conference in Grade 7, he has grown to love the intense discussion and debate present in each and every committee session. Through MUN, Adam has fostered his love for international relations and politics. Over the course of the conference, Adam hopes that all delegates broaden their horizons about current affairs, improve their public speaking skills, and have an overall rewarding experience participating in the committee sessions. Outside of MUN, you can find him participating in debate tournaments, building decks for Magic: the Gathering, or sleeping until noon. Adam is looking forward to meeting all of you in October.

Katrina Sun

Currently in her senior year at West Point Grey Academy, Katrina is overjoyed to be serving as a Co-Director General at VYMUN 2021. Since attending her first MUN conference in 2016, Katrina has been continually amazed and inspired by the stimulating debate of Model United Nations. Discovering both lifelong friends and new outlooks on international affairs, she hopes to motivate every delegate to step out of their comfort zones and be outspoken while discussing each fascinating topic. In her spare time, you can find Katrina visiting beaches around Vancouver, eating hot pot, or taking many, many naps. She is looking forward to meeting all of you for a weekend of riveting discussions and diplomacy.

Rafeeq Kassam-Jiwani

In his last year at West Point Grey Academy, Rafeeq Kassam-Jiwani is thrilled to serve as one of your Co-Director Generals. He is a strong supporter of Model United Nations, believing it is a crucial stepping stone that empowers youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. Although he wishes that this year’s iteration could be held in person, he looks forward to meeting you and hopes that the conference is still a fun and engaging experience for all. When not in meetings, Rafeeq can be found hibernating, enjoying free time with family and friends, and watching every Canucks game. Overall, Rafeeq is excitedly awaiting a weekend abundant with memories, new friends, and learning. Should you have any questions regarding VYMUN, please do not hesitate to reach out -- he doesn’t bite.

Catherlin Lu
Co-Chief of Staff

Now a senior at West Point Grey Academy, Catherlin is delighted to serve as the Co-Chief of Staff at VYMUN 2021. She began her endeavours in Model UN in Grade 7, and has since attended numerous conferences over the years with the same bubbling enthusiasm as her first. Being a part of MUN has allowed her to fall in love with a world of nuanced ideas and diverse perspectives, all while interacting with other intelligent and forward thinking delegates. On the occasion that she isn’t scourging for facts about her delegated country, you can find her binge-watching movies, reading and emptying her wallet on some Vancouver eats. Catherlin encourages everyone to reach out to her with any questions and she is thrilled to meet you all this October! 

DSC_2818 (1)_edited.jpg
Arman Kassam
Co-Chief of Staff

In his junior year at West Point Grey Academy, Arman is honoured to be Co-Chief of Staff at VYMUN 2021 thoroughly enjoyed all 4 years of his MUN career, falling in love with the fast paced discourse, the competitive but collaborative environment, and the various topics of discussion. MUN has not only sparked his passion for international relations, but created and developed many relationships along the way, and he will always be grateful for that. Outside of the conference room, Arman can be found playing chess, watching the Vancouver Canucks lose, binging sitcoms, and slurping up a hot bowl of ramen. Arman is excited to meet you all in the coming weeks!

Hannah Baumgard
Co-Chargé D'affairs

Hannah Is currently a grade 12 student at West Point Grey Academy and is both excited and honoured to be your Chargé D’affaires. Hannah Began her MUN journey back in grade 7 and has loved it ever since. She knows that MUN can be quite stressful, but hopes that everyone has an amazing, fun and low stress experience at VYMUN 2021. Hannah hopes to help with organization, involvement and positivity throughout the conference and that everyone walks away with at least one amazing memory. In Hannah’s spare time you can find her playing with her dog, bingeing the latest Netflix show and talking endlessly with her friends. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. She is looking forward to meeting all of you in October!!

Stephanie Hai
Co-Chargé D'affairs

A senior at West Point Grey Academy, Stephanie is elated to be serving as the Co-Charge D’Affairs for VYMUN 2021. Despite being initially afraid of big words, hand gestures, and podiums, the last five years of Model UN have proved to be incredibly rewarding. From Tokyo to Montreal, Stephanie has never failed to meet friends of extraordinary intelligence and kindness—for her, this is what makes MUN truly remarkable. Aside from MUN, Stephanie can be found trolling around with her friends, pretending to know how to parallel park, and planning her trip to Korea to meet BTS. Regardless of your experience, Model UN caters to you and what you want to walk away with—no big words or elaborate hand gestures needed. As this is her last year with VYMUN, she hopes for the best iteration yet!

Renee Gao
USG of General Assembilies

A senior at West Point Grey Academy, Renee is delighted to serve as your USG of General Assemblies this year. With her first introduction to Model UN at VYMUN 2017, the diplomatic discussions held sparked Renee’s interest in further pursuing MUN. She particularly enjoys the friendly banter, fervor, and excitement of committee sessions, and she hopes to help cultivate this same spirit during the conference this October.  In her spare time, Renee can often be found shopping, reading, or indulging her obsession with bubble tea and other sweets. She is looking forward to the conference and is excited to see everybody there!

Yufei Huang
USG of Specialized Agencies

Starting her junior year at West Point Grey Academy, Yufei Huang is beyond excited, ecstatic, delighted, thrilled, and overjoyed (and many more synonyms of excited) to serve as the Under-Secretary-General of Specialized Agencies at VYMUN 2021. Ever since being completely obliterated at VYMUN 2019, her passion for MUN developed - she loves the fruitful debate in committee sessions in addition to collaborating with her peers. However, she believes that the best part about the activity is meeting new people, as well as forming new bonds with those you already know. Outside of the MUN world, you can find her selling her soul to her ballet teacher, enjoying a nice bowl of trenette al pesto while watching Luca, or asleep on her couch. She looks forward to meeting all of the delegates in October and a weekend full of debate! 

Jack Millos
Co-USG of Crisis Committees

Jack Millos of WPGA is a grade 11 student who is ready and raring to be your Co-USG of Crisis alongside Logan for this year's iteration of VYMUN. Since VYMUN 2017, he’s been a menace to all chairs who consistently remind him to raise his placards after they’ve been called. He’s got an itch for all things politics, and hopes that VYMUN 2021 will scratch it. Although, if you can’t find him watching Ben Shapiro or Joe Rogan, you can safely bet he is ordering all the veggie options at Rice Burger shortly before a run. As your USG of Crisis, his light-hearted laugh’s and charming persona will make sure you remain stress-free and have the best MUN experience you can get, even in a crisis. He can’t wait to meet all of you and make sure this MUN conference appeals to your every need!

Logan Higgins
Co-USG of Crisis Committees

Logan is a Senior at WPGA. As Co-USG of Crisis, Logan looks forward to making this the best iteration of VYMUN Crisis committees to date. Logan has been passionate about MUN science first going to VYMUN six years ago in his grade seven year. While not doing MUN, you can find Logan in the pool training with the WPGA swim team, in English Bay sailing, or riding his bike with friends. Logan can’t wait to see where delegates take Crisis this year at VYMUN!

Emma Miao
USG of Delegate Affairs

A senior at  West Point Grey Academy, Emma is thrilled to serve as your Under-Secretary-General of Delegate Affairs. She fell in love with the pragmatic debate and diplomatic nature of Model United Nations in 2016 and has since seized every opportunity to get involved. MUN has not only allowed her to gain knowledge about complex global issues but also has introduced her to an incredible community of intelligent, outspoken people, some of whom are her closest friends. In her spare time, Emma enjoys reading, writing poetry and ski racing. Please don’t hesitate to contact her if you have any questions. She looks forward to meeting you all!

Connor Leung
USG of Media & Marketing

A senior at West Point Grey Academy, Connor Leung is ecstatic to be your USG of Media. Since participating in his very first MUN conference back in grade 7, he has enjoyed the endless discussions, umods, and collaboration. Most of all, he enjoyed the new global perspectives that MUN has to offer. Over the course of the conference, Connor hopes that delegates get outside of their comfort zone, meet new friends, and have an overall good time. Apart from MUN, you can find him engrossed in graphics design, competing on the tennis court, or trying something new. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him. Connor looks forward to meeting all of you in October! 

Copy of DSC_2803_edited.jpg
Bill Wang

Bill Wang is a grade 12 student at West Point Grey Academy. Much of his experience is with programming and mathematics. Though he does not have as much MUN experience as others may have, he is more than qualified to administer tech systems and operate an online conference. Over the summer, Bill developed custom conferencing software for VYMUN. Delegates attending a crisis committee will be able to use this system.