Alison Lee


Alison is honored and ecstatic to be serving as your Secretary-General for VYMUN 2019. Since stumbling into the world of debate and Model United Nations through a series of unexpected events, Alison has been captivated by the rigorous debates, impassioned speeches, and thoughtful diplomacy. Throughout her three years of involvement, Alison has fallen in love with the supportive community and met some of her closest friends. At VYMUN 2019, Alison encourages all delegates to step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in the life-changing activity and community of Model UN. In her spare time, Alison avoids taking herself too seriously, spending time with her friends and searching for new places to eat. Whether this will be your first or last VYMUN, Alison cannot wait to share what is sure to be an unforgettable weekend with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact her should you have any questions!

Ethan Jasny


Ethan Jasny is delighted and honored to be serving as your Director General at VYMUN 2019.  Since attending his first VYMUN in 2015, he has become intrigued by the world of international relations and politics. He learned and continues to learn how MUN has the ability to empower delegates and staff to speak with more confidence, listen with more empathy, and think with more reflection. Although he probably will not have the chance to meet all of you, he is confident that you will all make new friends, consider the world from a new viewpoint, and fully engage with everything that VYMUN has to offer. In his free time, Ethan enjoys debating, playing the bass guitar, and watching the latest Netflix comedy special. Please feel free to contact him should you have any questions! He is looking forward to meeting you in Whistler.

Heather Gadalla


Heather Gadalla is in grade 12 at West Point Grey Academy and is both delighted and honored to serve as Chargé D’Affaires for VYMUN 2019! Her Model UN journey began at VYMUN, where she ignited her passion for global affairs and began expanding her knowledge about the world through collaboration, negotiation, and debate. Outside of MUN, you can find her live-streaming the Toronto Raptors games, drowning in homework, or spending time with friends. She hopes that each and every delegate gains something from this conference, whether it be a newfound love of international relations, increased confidence with public speaking, or even a new friendship. She also hopes that students take advantage of the incredible opportunity to learn and grow at VYMUN 2019. Please don’t hesitate to contact her should you have any questions or concerns. She looks forward to meeting you all in October!

Jeremy Fang


Jeremy Fang is currently a grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy and is excited and honored to be your Chief of Staff for VYMUN 2019. Ever since wandering into his first VYMUN in 2015 and speaking a total of three times, he has become captivated and intrigued by international relations, debate, and collaboration that comes from Model United Nations. Over the course of the conference he hopes all delegates have a rewarding educational experience, but most of all, to enjoy their time at VYMUN. Other than the educational side of Model UN, he enjoys the social aspects and hopes that delegates are able to make some new friends. Aside from Model United Nations, you can find Jeremy playing basketball and baseball, debating, or frantically trying to figure out how to pull his grades up. He is looking forward to seeing you in October!

Daisy Huang


Daisy Huang is currently in grade 12 at West Point Grey Academy. She began Model UN at VYMUN 2015 and is absolutely delighted to culminate her 4-year Model UN career by serving as one of VYMUN 2019’s Under Secretary-General of Committees. Although she has participated in all manners of committees, from a WHO representing over 130 countries to 10-person cabinets deciding the future of the arctic, her favourite committees to date have been historical crises. Outside of Model UN, you can find her practicing debate in front of a mirror, playing songs meant for saxophone on the clarinet, breaking down under the pressure of college applications and AP courses, and working on her portfolio. She looks forward to meeting all the delegates and seeing what they make of the committees, and wishes them the very best whether this is their very first conference or their last.

Daniel Rosen


Daniel Rosen is a Grade 11 student at WPGA, and will be serving as one of the USGs of Committees for VYMUN 2019. Although he’s attended many conferences since starting MUN in 7th grader, both as a delegate and a chair, this is his first time being a part of the secretariat. He was born in Ontario but has lived most of his life in Shanghai, China, going to school there for 13 years. After that, he moved to Lima, Peru, for two years before finally making his way back to Canada. MUN has been a big part of his life in middle and high school and has helped him grow as a student, and as a person. Daniel attended VYMUN 2018 as a Chair last year and is excited to get to help from a more organizational standpoint. He really looks forward to seeing all of you at the conference!

Betty Pan


Currently a junior at WPGA, Betty is incredibly honored to be serving as an Under-Secretary-General of Committees for VYMUN 2019! Since beginning her Model UN journey at VYMUN 2017, she has grown to love the fast-paced debate and collaborative discussions that are exclusive to MUN. Whether you are a MUN veteran or novice, she urges you all to unlock your full potential at VYMUN 2019 and to participate to the best of your ability; after all, you can only grow if you step outside your comfort zone! Outside of Model UN, you can find Betty coming up with new architecture concepts, learning how to boil water, eating an unhealthy amount of apples, or trying various local dessert spots with her friends. She strives to create an unforgettable conference and looks forward to seeing you all in October. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Betty and best of luck with your preparation!

Natassia Wong


Natassia is currently a grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy and is both thrilled and honored to be serving as your Under-Secretary-General of Committees for VYMUN 2019. Ever since stumbling into the MUN world as a small grade 8, she has grown passionate and captivated by international relations, and the unforgettable memories and experiences that come with Model UN. VYMUN was Natassia’s first conference and she hopes to make it as memorable and enjoyable for you as it was for her. She encourages all delegates to participate to the best of their ability and step outside their comfort zone. Outside of Model UN, you can find Natassia spending time with her friends, avoiding her homework, playing guitar, or participating in sports. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hi, feel free to approach her at the conference or contact her beforehand!

Jiayi Li


Jiayi is a grade 12 student at West Point Grey Academy who is ecstatic as well as honored to serve as your Delegate Affairs. As she has learned through previous delegating experiences, Model United Nations is rewarding and fun, but can also be quite stressful. She hopes that you will have a low-stress experience at VYMUN 2019, and will do her best do ensure that. During VYMUN weekend, she is positive that you will foster a sense of confidence in public speaking, make at least one new friend, and learn how to thrive with minimal sleep. In Jiayi’s spare time, you can catch her exploring funky food locations, worrying about school, and listening to an insane amount of music. Please do not hesitate to contact her with any questions or concerns- she is happy to help! She looks forward to meeting you all in October!

Tess Blake


Tess Blake is a grade 12 student at West Point Grey Academy, and is excited to be your USG of Special Events for VYMUN 2019! Tess began involving herself with the MUN program at WPGA back in grade ten. Although she joined later than most of her peers, she immediately felt the immense impact that MUN has on a high school student. It was at VYMUN 2017 that Tess realized the power of communication and the importance of compromise. As someone who has been a delegate at previous VYMUN conferences, Tess is grateful for the full circle moment of helping to organize this year’s conference. She hopes it will be as amazing of an experience for you as it was for her! Apart from MUN, she loves going for beach drives, playing guitar with her friends, and drinking kombucha. She is so excited for October and cannot wait to meet all of you!

Ben Nakhuda


Ben Nakhuda is a senior at WPGA. Ben used to chair Arab League and that sort of thing, but he likes taking photos and designed website a lot more than that, so that's what he's doing this year. He's very excited to be USG of Media and IT this year for VYMUN 2019. ​Feel free to contact him about any media questions!

Hamza Al-Muhaisen


A senior at WPGA, Hamza is beyond ecstatic to serve as this year’s Director of Crisis.  When he started Model UN in grade eight, he immediately discovered a newfound passion: engaging in international relations amongst his peers. Due to his newfound interest, he has had numerous incredible opportunities to attend several different conferences, and expand his scope of the world. He understands that to some delegates, this is a completely new experience, but encourages them to step out of their comfort zone, as he did. Outside of MUN, you can find him struggling with homework, or spending time with friends. If you have any questions or concerns before or during the conference, please do not be afraid to ask, as he hopes to make this year’s VYMUN as enjoyable as possible.

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