Nathan Shin


As Nathan enters his final year of high school, he is looking forward to being the director of SOCHUM. Although there was a steep learning curve, Model UN has proven to be a unique, challenging, and engaging world that Nathan is grateful to have discovered. In addition to MUN, he also enjoys visiting new countries and playing soccer and saxophone but wishes he could manage his time better. The weekend is sure to be full of great discussion, frantic typing, and new friendships, and he hopes that you all have the same great experience that he has had at VYMUN. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him or any of the other amazing staff, and he hopes to see you soon!

Stephanie Hai


A sophomore at WPGA, Stephanie is thrilled to act as your chair for SOCHUM at VYMUN 2019! Her first conference was fueled by public pressure and resume building, however, she surprisingly developed a true passion for fast-paced discussion and international affairs. What was going to seem like a boring, unconventional weekend spent debating about large topics, turned out to be one of her highlights of the year. Since then, she has met some of her greatest friends at MUN and has been immersed in the cultivating experience of seeking the right of replies. Aside from MUN, Stephanie can be found spending hours on end at Kits beach doing nothing, giving advice to her friends who don’t listen or calling people trolls. She hopes for a positive weekend for all delegates alike, and encourages everyone to dance like no one’s watching! Please don't hesitate to reach out to her, she is eager to meet all of you at VYMUN 2019!

Logan Higgins

Assistant Director

Currently in grade 10 at WPGA, Logan enjoys watching too much Netflix, as well as swimming on the Varsity Swim Team. He can often be found sipping on bubble teas and eating large amounts of dumplings. Being a novice to MUN over 3 years ago, Logan has many MUN experiences under his belt and looks forward to helping the SOCHUM 2019 committee become the best it can be. He looks forward to helping direct as well as fostering interesting and dynamic debate, that is the core component of any MUN experience. He looks forward to meeting all the delegates soon.

Michael Yin

Assistant Chair

Being Michael’s third year of Model United Nations, he is thrilled to being the Assistant Chair of SOCHUM. Just over two years ago, Michael attended his first conference and since then, he has fallen in love with the unique, challenging, and engaging world of the Model UN. Apart from Model UN, Michael is often discovered scrambling on the tennis courts, spilling his bubble tea all over the place in bubble tea shops, and poking fun at his two younger sisters. Michael looks forward to a weekend full of debates, intriguing ideas, collaborations, new friendships, and joy. Michael hopes all delegates to have the same great experience that he had and is excited to meet everyone at VYMUN 2019!

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