United Nations Development Programme


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was established in 1965 with the mission of assisting the international community through human development, alleviation of poverty, infrastructure establishment, and more. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in mind, the UNDP promotes various programs and initiatives in the environmental, electoral, and energy sectors, among others.


As a beginner-intermediate committee, the UNDP is suited to all delegates with interest. Position papers are not mandatory but are required in order to be considered for an award. Please direct all inquiries and position papers for this committee to

Topic A: Energy Poverty
Topic B: Mitigating Deadly Disease Spread in Developing Countries
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Meet the Dais Team

Esther Jin - Director.heic
Esther Jin


Entering her senior year at West Point Grey Academy, Esther is looking forward to serving as your Director of the United Nations Development Programme at VYMUN 2022. Since attending her first conference three years ago, she has loved and enjoyed the challenging and intellectual discussions that MUN offers. This year, Esther would like to create a MUN experience as memorable as her past ones. In her spare time, Esther enjoys biking along the beach with her friends, watching anime, and taking walks in the forest in her spare time. She looks forward to meeting you all in October! 

Olivia Leung


Olivia is delighted to be serving as the chair of UNDP in this year's iteration of VYMUN. Participating in her first Model UN in 2017, she found the environment and the people around her to be incredibly fun and kind and was hooked from then on. She knows that MUN can be a little nerve-wracking and will do her best to make it as fun as possible. When she isn’t at MUN, you can find her playing with her dog or struggling with physics homework. She is so excited to see you all in person at UBC and hopes to talk to all of you!