United Nations Environment Programme


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), founded in 1972, is the leading international body responsible for promoting environmental action. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, its mission is to encourage cooperation in preserving the environment and to assist developing countries in creating environmentally sound practices. Some of its focus areas are sustainable agriculture, climate change, natural disaster aversion, waste management, and environmental governance. With the ticking clock of climate change, UNEP is becoming one of the most critical and urgent forces in the world to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure a safe future.

The UNEP is designed for intermediate delegates. Though position papers are not required, they are recommended to ensure delegates feel prepared and comfortable throughout the conference. Please submit all papers to your committee director. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Meet the Dais Team

Jessica Zhang -Director_edited_edited.jpg
Jessica Zhang


Currently in Grade 11 at WPGA, Jessica can not be more thrilled to serve as your director for the UNEP! She attended her first conference in 2018, and has since fallen in love with the fruitful debate and lifelong friendships that can only come from MUN. At VYMUN this year, She hopes to foster the same encouraging and engaging environment that she experienced in all her times as a delegate. When she is not trying to finish her backgrounder, you can find her sunrise biking with her friends, watching sad movies, or taking an afternoon nap. Please don’t hesitate to approach Jessica at any time for help or if you have any questions or concerns! Jessica is beyond excited to meet all of you at VYMUN 2021! 

Sophia Chong


As a senior at Crofton House School, Sophia is more than delighted to serve as the Chair for the United Nations Environment Programme at VYMUN 2021. After attending her first Model UN conference as an apprehensive eighth-grade student, Sophia became captivated by the heated debate and fast-paced discussion. As this will be her fourth time participating in VYMUN, Sophia is thrilled to be a member of the VYMUN staffing team; she hopes that she inspires others to develop a passion for the dynamic world of MUN. Outside of Model UN and school, Sophia enjoys editing videos, watching and analyzing films, and perfecting her charcuterie boards. She looks forward to meeting everyone at VYMUN 2021!

Ethan Yang - Assistant Director.png
Ethan Yang

Assistant Director

Currently a sophomore at St. George's School, Ethan Yang has been an ardent enjoyer of the passionate debates and heated negotiations that take place in MUN since his first Model UN experience in a joint delegation at the WHO. Since then, Model UN has been a pillar in Ethan's academic career, with each conference providing a unique and invaluable learning experience. In the third year of his Model UN experience, Ethan is thoroughly enthused and honoured to serve as the Assistant Director of the UNEP. Outside the world of Model UN, Ethan can be found reading his favourite works of literature, enjoying the various culinary delights of the local supermarket, and catching up on the latest developments in Canadian politics. Ethan looks forward to another enlightening year at the 2021 iteration of VYMUN.