United Nations Environment Programme


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), founded in 1972, is the leading international body responsible for promoting environmental action. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, its mission is to encourage cooperation in preserving the environment and to assist developing countries in creating environmentally sound practices. Some of its focus areas are sustainable agriculture, climate change, natural disaster aversion, waste management, and environmental governance. With the ticking clock of climate change, UNEP is becoming one of the most critical and urgent forces in the world to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure a safe future.

Topic A: "Megafire" Reduction and Management
Topic B: Promoting Sustainable Nutrient Management

Emma-Jane Burns

Director — unep@vymun.com

Emma-Jane is honoured to serve as the Director of the UNEP for the fifteenth iteration of VYMUN. Currently a junior at York House, Emma has been captivated by the world of Model UN and debate since 2016. MUN has led her to question her opinions, fall in love with global politics, and forge new friendships. Her favourite part of every conference is being able to meet and learn something new from others. Emma-Jane encourages delegates to engage in successful and respectful discourse at VYMUN 2020. Outside of MUN, Emma plays field hockey and soccer, debates, volunteers for the YWMCA, and works for the Galley at Jericho. She loves to spend time by the beach, no matter the season. Emma looks forward to meeting everyone; please feel free to contact her if any questions arise.


Cadence Gunther


Cadence is now in her grade 11 year at West Point Grey Academy and is thrilled to be chairing for UNEP.  She started getting involved in Model UN in grade 7 and has been attending conferences ever since. Ever since starting Model UN she has been immersed in this culture of discussion, diplomacy and unique ideas, that she still addresses with the same enthusiasm as from her first conference. Throughout the experience she has learned a lot from Model UN, and plans to give the same wonderful experience to all her delegates.  When Cadence isn’t immersing herself in the world of Model UN, you can find her in the swimming pool or on the couch. Whether it’s your first conference or eighth, Cadence encourages everyone in her committee to come into this conference with enthusiasm and nuanced ideas. She hopes to give you a great Model UN experience, as was given to her throughout her Model UN career. Until then she wishes you all the best and can’t wait to meet you in October and hear all your amazing ideas.


Matthew Mockett

Assistant Director

As a senior at West Point Grey Academy, Matthew is thrilled to be an assistant director for VYMUN 2020. Just under a year ago, Matthew attended his first MUN conference, and has since been captivated by the challenging and intriguing debates that come with MUN. Outside of MUN, Matthew can be found kicking a ball on the soccer field, reading in the library, and running around the track. Matthew looks forward to an exciting MUN weekend filled with exciting debates and interesting ideas. Matthew aims to give delegates the same MUN experience that he was given , and can’t wait to see you all at VYMUN 2020!


Allen Hu

Assistant Chair

Allen Hu is a grade ten student at WPGA who is ecstatic to be serving as your assistant chair in UNEP. First attending VYMUN in grade nine, he has come to greatly enjoy Model UN, and has learned much attending MUN conferences. He greatly enjoys the avid debates and exchange of views that take place at every conference. Outside of MUN, Allen can be found playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and watching Netflix. He looks forward to seeing you all this October!