United Nations Children's Fund


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is the UN agency overseeing worldwide humanitarian and developmental aid for children. Among the most widespread international social welfare organizations, UNICEF’s presence extends to over 190 countries.


Since its inception in 1946, the agency has been a global champion for children’s rights, safety, and wellbeing. Some services administered by this body include providing immunizations, supervising the treatment of children and mothers with HIV, promoting education, increasing sanitation, and more. 


This committee is designed for beginner to intermediate delegates alike but is open to all delegates regardless of experience. Though position papers are not required, they are recommended to ensure delegates feel prepared and comfortable throughout the conference. Please submit all papers to your committee director. 


Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to

Meet the Dais Team

Ally Yi - UNICEF Director.jpg
Ally Yi 

Ally (Chaeyeon) Yi is a senior at Little Flower Academy and is delighted to direct the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) at Vancouver Youth Model United Nations 2021. Although she was dragged into the world of MUN four years ago, Ally became enticed by its charms, and has become an avid MUN participant ever since. Outside of MUN, Ally can be seen scrolling through memes on Instagram, struggling to balance her musical career with academics, and attempting to create the most innovative Starbucks custom recipes. That being said, Ally welcomes all delegates to a weekend of fiery debates and unforgettable memories!

Neil Hong


A junior at St. George’s School, Neil is entering his fifth year of involvement in the Model UN community. Looking back, all the tedious hours of preparation seem to have faded into blissful discussions, cherished friendships, and electrifying rivalries. From inciting an affinity for global affairs to enabling him with the power of speech, Model UN has truly shaped Neil into who he is today, and for that, he is inextricably grateful. When not weeping over his Latin assignments, Neil can be found creating fire hazards in the kitchen, mindlessly scrolling through his phone at unholy hours, and binging various musicals. Serving as a Chair for UNICEF at Vancouver Youth Model United Nations 2021, Neil wishes a memorable experience for all delegates. 

Rachel Zheng - UNICEF Chair_edited.jpg
Rachel Zheng


Currently a junior at West Point Grey Academy, Rachel is delighted to serve as your chair for UNICEF at VYMUN 2021. Since her first Model UN conference in 2018, Rachel has sparked an interest in discussing international affairs from new perspectives. Rachel is constantly inspired by the stimulating debate in each committee session, happy to create unforgettable memories alongside new friends. Outside of Model UN, Rachel can be found binge watching shows instead of finishing her homework, crashing at her cousins’ place in an attempt to steal their dog, or standing in the kitchen at 3am making herself a bowl of instant noodles. Rachel looks forward to a weekend filled with heated debate as delegates tackle global issues, and she hopes that VYMUN 2021 becomes a memorable experience for everyone.

Cindy Cao- UNICEF assistant director_edited.jpg
Cindy Cao

Assistant Director

Cindy Cao is currently a grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy and she is so thrilled to be your UNICEF assistant director for VYMUN 2021! Since attending her first conference in grade 9, Cindy has fallen in love with Model United Nations and can’t wait for October! Cindy recalls her VYMUN experience as adoring because the bondings, discussions and debates with delegates from other schools was beyond amazing. She is eager to meet everyone at VYMUN 2021 and she hopes that everyone in her committee will experience the same unique and fun weekend she did when she first walked into the Model United Nations world.

Amy Zeng

Assistant Director

​A senior at Little Flower Academy, Amy is thrilled to be serving as the Assistant Director of UNICEF at VYMUN 2021. Since attending her first MUN conference in 2018, Amy has been continually inspired by the galvanizing debates and has thoroughly enjoyed the bright social atmosphere at Model United Nations. Having formed lasting friendships and found diverse worldviews on international affairs herself at VYMUN, she hopes to bring the same welcoming environment to each delegate. When she’s not on the World Factbook cramming in background knowledge prior to a conference, you can find Amy flinging herself off cliffs at Whistler or struggling to learn Spanish for her favourite show, Elite. She is looking forward to meeting you all for a weekend of riveting debate!