Jenna Lam


Jenna Lam is currently a Grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy. She is delighted to serve as your director for UNICEF at VYMUN 2019. Her first Model UN conference was over two years ago at VYMUN 2017, and since, she has learnt to enjoy the fast-paced, intense discussion and rewarding friendships that are created from it. She hopes that your VYMUN experience will be just as welcoming and worthwhile as her own! Aside from MUN, you can find Jenna debating competitively, shooting photography, playing tennis, or emptying her wallet on food. She can’t wait to meet all of the delegates this October. Until then, happy researching!

Vincent Gao


Vincent Gao is overwhelmingly exhilarated to be chairing UNICEF at VYMUN 2019. Having attended his first official Model UN conference not long ago, Vincent has never regretted discussing policy in committee sessions ever since. Aside from Model UN; you can find Vincent Gao consuming every morsel of food that exists in Greater Vancouver, overheating profusely in business attire while debating competitively at various tournaments, injuring himself playing sports, or having a laugh with some of his closest friends. Vincent also enjoys the use of big vocabulary to seem intelligent while communicating with peers (and encourages others to utilize this technique as well). Overall, he is looking forward to an eventful weekend, packed with productive debate. He hopes to meet as many people as he can!

Kaari Urbanek

Assistant Director

Currently in Grade 10, Kaari Urbanek is 15 years old, in Grade 10 and the Assistant MUN Head at York House School. She has been involved in MUN for 3 years and Debate for 5. As your Assistant Director she hopes to inspire all of you in our committee to learn, collaborate and listen to one another throughout VYMUN 2019. She thoroughly enjoys debate, music and watching congressional hearings on C-SPAN in her free time. Welcome to UNICEF at VYMUN 2019.

Aiden Quandt

Assistant Chair

Currently in attendance of West Point Grey Academy, Aidan looks forward to being the assistant chair on the UNICEF committee. When he attended his first model UN conference in 2017, he knew he had found something that he would enjoy for years to come. He is excited for the collaboration and debate at VYMUN this year and is ready to embrace the leadership opportunity he has.

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