Lily Douglas


Currently in Grade 11 at West Point Grey Academy, Lily is absolutely thrilled to be the director of the United Nations Security Council! Since attending her first Model United Nations conference, Lily has quickly come to enjoy the sleepless nights and high-action debate that are, for her, essential aspects of any MUN conference. Model UN has given Lily an appreciation for current events and political affairs that continuously interests her in her daily life and encourages her to become more engaged in global and humanitarian matters. Outside of MUN, Lily has recently hopped on to the Game of Thrones bandwagon, and swims a lot and runs sometimes, so that she can continue her endeavors as an amature food connoisseur guiltlessly. Lily cannot wait to meet you all at VYMUN 2019, and is looking forward to a weekend full of fruitful debate.

Ellton Wong


A junior at West Point Grey Academy, Ellton is excited to be chairing the United Nations Security Council. Ever since his first Model UN in Grade 7, Ellton has gone through many experiences of joy, frustration, and relief that are, what he believes, the classic emotions that everyone goes through during the weekend of MUN. Aside from MUN, Ellton has a great time gaming with friends, playing music, and trying not to fail his classes. He looks forward to meeting all of you at the debate-packed weekend of VYMUN 2020!

Michel Collet

Assistant Director

Hello delegates! I’m Michel and a Grade 10 student at West Point Grey Academy. I will be your Assistant Director for UNSC at VYMUN 2019. My first MUN was also at VYMUN, and it was a truly unique experience. Outside of MUN, I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with friends. Good luck to all of you, and I can’t wait to meet you guys!

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