United Nations Security Council


Founded in 1945, the United Nations Security Council is primary responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security. It has ten rotating members, and five permanent members with veto power. UNSC determines the existence of a threat to the peace or act of aggression and calls upon its members to settle it by peaceful means and recommends methods of adjustment or terms of settlement.​


UNSC is primarily designed for intermediate delegates interested in participating in a crisis committee. Position papers are required to aid delegates in feeling prepared for the conference.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to unsc@vymun.com.

Meet the Dais Team

Edward Gao - Director.HEIC
Edward Gao



A sophomore at West Point Grey Academy, Edward is overjoyed to serve as Director of UNSC this year. Having attended his first Model UN conference a few years ago, he is incredibly grateful for all the incredible experiences he has had and all that he has learned from Model UN. Outside of MUN, Edward can often be found binge-watching shows on Netflix, biking around Vancouver with some of his friends, or engaging in chronic procrastination. He hopes to make VYMUN a great experience for all delegates and looks forward to meeting everyone in October!

Liam Dachner



Liam Dachner is a grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy, who is extremely excited to be your Director for UNSC this year. Beginning his MUN journey in 2017, Liam is extremely excited to return as a staff member, to the conference that sparked his MUN career. He has come to relish the fast paced discussions, current topics and often humorous speeches that are so vital to a good conference. Outside of MUN you can find him racing Cross Country and Track and Field, hanging out with friends or playing video games. He is looking forward to the upcoming conference and hopes to provide a committee that will be fun and memorable for all. The topic chosen this year is one that he finds particularly thought provoking and relevant and one that you will hopefully all enjoy. 

Talia Pimstone


Attending West Point Grey Academy in grade 11, Talia is thrilled to be your UNSC chair. Her passion for MUN has continued to be an immense part of her life, highlighted from her recent years attending conferences. She enjoys the intense and clever debates that take place, filled with intellectual discussions. Despite the initial feeling of intimidation in these conferences many newcomers may feel, Talia will strive towards building up an experience for you that is enjoyable. In her spare time, Talia enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends as well as playing piano. She is excited to see everyone in October! 

Vivian Xu - Chair_edited.jpg
Vivian Xu


Currently a junior at Crofton House School, Vivian is ecstatic to be serving as the Chair of UNSC at VYMUN 2021. Since attending her first conference in 2019, Vivian has grown to appreciate and love the intense discussions, passionate debates, and overall professionalism shown throughout the MUN community. Outside of the committee room, Vivian can be found at Indigo, feeding her reading addiction, creating new Spotify playlists at every occasion, or spending hours building a Minecraft SMP, just to blow it up the next day. Vivian can’t wait to meet everybody and she hopes this iteration will be one of the most memorable conferences for all participants!

Anderson Gao - UNSC Assistant Director_edited.jpg
Anderson Gao

Assistant Director

Returning for his third year of MUN and a current sophomore at West Point Grey Academy, Anderson is thrilled to serve as the Assistant Director of UNSC! After discovering the vast and intricate nature of international politics at his first MUN conference, Anderson was captivated by the powerful, yet diplomatic speeches. He is extremely grateful for the patient and respectful dais members that made his first experience so memorable and simply wishes to give back to the MUN community. In his day-to-day life, you will most likely find Anderson playing chess and video games with his friends, guitar or piano in his free time, or solving a Rubik’s Cube in class (which has been confiscated way too many times). Anderson sincerely wishes that everyone can have a fun and fulfilling experience at this year’s iteration of VYMUN!

Jacob Rivelis

Assistant Director

Jacob Rivelis is a grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy and is looking forward to working with you as the Assistant Director of the UNSC this year. He is fresh to the VYMUN scene, however, that will not stop him from trying to be the best Assistant Director he can. Outside of MUN he loves to play soccer inside and out of school. He also enjoys mountain biking and you can often find him at Whistler Bike Park during the summer and the North Shore in the winter. Do not hesitate to come and talk to him about anything as he wants everyone to have a fantastic time at VYMUN this year. He’s looking forward to meeting all of you!