Mikael is currently a Grade 12 student at Burnaby North Secondary School and is excited to be the director of the United Nations Security Council at VYMUN 2020. Since his first experience at a MUN conference, Mikael has since been inspired by the rapid discussion, humorous speeches from fellow delegates, and the atmosphere of his committee. His passion for global politics was deepened by Model United Nations, and he hopes to share it with other like-minded individuals. Outside of the committee, he spends his free time reading political memoirs and biographies and taking attentive care of his pets. Mikael is excited for his committee and encourages delegates to have a wonderful time in the UNSC.


Mikael Jay Borres


Currently in grade eleven at West Point Grey Academy, Renee is delighted to serve as your chair of UNSC this year. Renee’s first introduction to Model UN was three years ago at VYMUN 2017, and the experience sparked an interest in MUN and diplomatic discussion. She enjoys the friendly banter, fervor, and excitement of committee sessions, and she hopes to help cultivate this same spirit during the conference this October. In her spare time, Renee can often be found shopping, reading, or indulging her obsession with bubble tea and other sweets. She is looking forward to the conference and is excited to see everybody there!


Renee Gao


In his sophomore year at West Point Grey Academy, Arman is thrilled to serve as your assistant director for UNSC. He first appeared at a MUN conference two years ago, and fell in love with the discourse, the short but sweet speeches, the fast-paced problem solving, and the committee environment as a whole. Since then, his interest in current events and global politics has grown exponentially, and he hopes to spark that same interest in the delegates at VYMUN 2020. When outside of a learning environment, Arman likes to read, solve his Rubik’s cube, and play with his dog, as well as spend time with his friends. He is looking forward to seeing you all on the committee floor in October!

Assistant Director

Arman Kassam

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