US Senate

The United States Senate is the upper chamber of the United States Congress. There are currently 100 senators representing 50 states with two senators representing one state. Two senators serve staggered terms of six years. The vice president of the United States serves as the presiding officer and president of the Senate by virtue of that office, and has a vote only if the senators are equally divided. The senate has powers of advice and consent which are solely exclusive to the body. This includes: approval of treaties, and confirmation of cabinet secretaries, federal judges, flag officers, regulatory officials, ambassadors, other federal executive officials and federal uniformed officers. 

The US Senate is designed for experienced delegates who are interested in US legislature. Position papers are mandatory for this committee and must be completed in order to be considered for an award.


Please send your position papers to ussenate@vymun.ca, along with any questions or concerns regarding your position papers.

Meet the Dais Team

Jason C. Zhang photo grade 9.jpg
Jason Zhang

Director: ussenate@vymun.ca

Jason Chengzhi Zhang is a Grade 10 student at West Point Grey Academy and is more than honored to be serving as the director of the US Senate at VYMUN 2022. Ever since being introduced to model UN two years ago, he has found the MUN community fascinating and welcoming. He believes that the US Senate is a perfect way for delegates to connect and learn about the world situation. Outside of the committee room, you can find him learning more about history on Wikipedia, experiencing existential dread about AP exams, and practicing martial arts, in an attempt to stay fit. Jason looks forward to an exciting weekend of debate and is wishing best of luck to all delegates!

Max Wong


Max Wong is an Eleventh Grade student attending West Point Grey Academy and is quite delighted to partake in the role of the Chair of the US Senate at VYMUN 2022. After being a shy eighth grader and participating in his first ever conference back at VYMUN 2019, he found himself mesmerized by the passion of the other delegates and staff that he was surrounded by and developed a passion for it himself. While not preparing for Model UN conferences, Max can be caught in the act of becoming the next top streamer, learning recipes to enhance the flavour of instant noodles, or creating illustrations for his art portfolio. He is looking forward to a conference overflowing with in-depth knowledge as well as much joy too! He wishes you the best of luck with your preparations for VYMUN 2022!