World Health Organization


Since its establishment in 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been working with 193 member states to bring awareness to causes of pressing health issues and to fight communicable diseases. WHO strives to fulfill its objectives through the six point agenda: (1) promoting development; (2) fostering health security; (3) strengthening health systems; (4) harnessing research, information and evidence; (5) enhancing partnerships; and (6) improving performance.

WHO is designed for intermediate delegates. Though position papers are not required, they are recommended to ensure delegates feel prepared and comfortable throughout the conference.

Topic A: Antimicrobial Drug Resistance
Topic B: Vaccine Development and Distribution
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Catherlin Lu

Director —

Now in her junior year at WPGA, Catherlin is ecstatic to direct the World Health Organization. From beginning Model UN in grade 7 to staffing VYMUN just last year, she has  attended each conference with the same bubbling enthusiasm as her first. Being a part of MUN has allowed her to dive into and fall in love with a world of nuanced ideas, diverse perspectives and interact with intelligent and forward thinking fellow MUNers: a world that she hopes you will treasure too. On the occasion that she isn’t scourging for facts about her delegated country, you can find her always baking cookies, dancing through life and constantly laughing at bad jokes. Catherlin encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zones and dance until their legs wobble at the social. She hopes to make the conference an enjoyable one for each delegate and until then, is beyond excited to meet all you MUNers in October! 

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Pierre Collet


Pierre Collet is currently a grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy and is excited to be your chair for VYMUN 2020. Over the conference, he hopes to offer delegates an enjoyable and engaging experience. Pierre encourages all delegates to be prepared and to step out of their comfort zones. He wishes you all a great time at VYMUN 2020


Tony Zhang

Assistant Director

Currently a grade 10 student at West Point Grey Academy, Tony is extremely excited to be among all of the WHO delegates this conference. Also a MUNer himself, Tony understands how awkward and hard it is sometimes to express your own thoughts through your assigned countries. Even with the difficulty there, he still greatly encourages all delegates to just relax, be yourselves and enjoy yourself at the conference! Tony wishes you all a great time and see you at VYMUN 2020!


Talia Pimstone

Assistant Chair

Attending West Point Grey Academy in grade 10, Talia is thrilled to be your WHO assistant chair. Her passion for MUN has continued to be an immense part of her life, highlighted from her recent years attending conferences.  Annually, the highlight of her year is participating in MUN. She enjoys the intense and clever debates that take place during conferences, filled with intellectual discussions. Despite the initial feeling of intimidation in these conferences many newcomers may feel, Talia will strive towards building up an experience for you that will forever be remembered. In her spare time, Talia enjoys her sports as well as playing piano. She is excited to see everyone in October!